CircEsteem is an awesome program; my son has learned not to fear getting up in front of a crowd. CircEsteem Parent


So amazing, your performances are outstanding. Friend


CircEsteem provides a unique combination of world-class training with world-changing community outreach. How lucky we are to have this exquisite treasure in our beloved city! Parent


My granddaughter loves the experience of learning and preforming circus acts. It helps her confidence in preforming in front of an audience. Grandparent

Marissa Kalman – Family Member

I wish there could be a program like this in every neighborhood! Marissa Kalman – Family Member

Gregory Kalman – Parent

CircEsteem is a great place for children to learn both the arts and how to be great teammates. Gregory Kalman – Parent

Leah Vaselopolos – Parent

Wonderful, unique inclusive, love it! Leah Vaselopoulos – Parent

Karen Reyes – Parent

CircEsteem brings Una right out of her shell and is a refreshing space where both boys and girls are encouraged to be physical and strong – we all love it! Karen Reyes – Parent

Dorothy Cameron – Parent

I think this is a lovely program, helping kids to develop themselves inside and out. Dorothy Cameron – Parent

Shirley Susman – Parent

“This is a remarkable program to promote teamwork and build self esteem.” Shirley Susman – Parent

Kristin G. – CircEsteem Parent

CircEsteeem provides the greatest creative outlet for my children!  They have participated in Saturday classes, summer camp and weekly “skills” courses.  They have developed unbelievably impressive circus skills and  have made friends with kids and adults from different parts of Chicago and different parts of the world.  Their increased self esteem is evident in the [...]

Christine D. – CircEsteem Parent

My now-20-year-old son started taking circus classes with CircEsteem when he was 9 and eventually became a day camp instructor. It was fabulous for this suburban kid to work and play with kids and adults from all over the world for 10 years, become an amazing juggler/clown, and gradually take on serious responsibility at a [...]

Lucy M. – CircEsteem Parent

This is a great place to get your sillies out!  The CircEsteem programs are physically and developmentally engaging.  Staff members are nurturing and caring.  The students develop a strong comeraderie with each other and mental and physical strength in themselves.  I have been impressed with the number of men on the staff when so many [...]

Melanie K. – Summer Camp Parent

Both my daughter and my niece went to this camp and haven’t stopped raving about it. It was a great outlet for them – while fostering physical activity it helped them work with other kids, build their own self esteem, and it was amazing to watch how proud they were of their work and how [...]

Jo-Ann F. – CircEsteem Parent

After taking after-school CircEsteem classes at his school, I overheard my seven year old saying to friends that he was going to Circus Camp over the summer.  News to me but I signed him right up because generally-speaking my son wants nothing to do with camp.  He loved every minute of the two consecutive weeks [...]

Terri Suda – CircEsteem Client

Our library hired CircEsteem to provide entertainment for our Fall Circus Festival – an event for all ages.  Cortez and Alex came out and entertained our audiences with their juggling, magic and stilt walking skills.  The boys were so friendly, incredibly talented and completely adapted to our event setting. CircEsteem was a joy to work [...]

Caryn M. – CircEsteem Parent

Having our daughter’s 7th birthday party at CircEsteem was worth every penny.  It was spectacular!  Every child had fun and the staff was exceptional.  My daughter was so happy and we love that we were able to support a wonderful nonprofit in the community. Caryn M. - CircEsteem Parent

Julie H. – Parent of Saturday Circus Student

My husband and I think CircEsteem has been the best thing for our son.  He has the biggest grin on his face on Saturday mornings and just can’t wait to get there!” Julie H- Parent of Saturday Circus Student

Ali Haymes – Testimonial

Besides learning circus skills, the Chicago Youth Circus is a great opportunity that most people don’t get to have.  I love the traveling and the shows.  Seeing how circus changes people’s lives is amazing! Ali Haymes – CircusTeen

Jack Gomberg – Testimonial

CircEsteem has made me a better person.  I’ve learned from my circus team to put trust in others and to earn other people’s trust.  I’ve learned by conquering my fear of the trapeze, that even if you don’t like something at first, you should always give it another try.  I’ve learned through juggling, my most [...]

Shitonia Jones – Testimonial

I’ve been in CircEsteem for seven years.  CircEsteem has helped me in so many ways.  In school I used to get straight “B’s,” which wasn’t bad, but I knew I could do better.  CircEsteem’s HomeWork & CircusWork program has helped me get my grades up to straight “A’s.”  It wasn’t easy.  Now that I’m in [...]

Viviane Clement – Testimonial

Whenever I think of all the positive experiences that I had in my life, CircEsteem seems to always be in the picture.  CircEsteem played an important part in getting me where I pictured myself in life.  In 2002, when I joined CircEsteem as the “grumpy girl who refused to do anything,” I would have never [...]

Jesse Dascola – Testimonial

The fact that the teachers care and help you no matter what happens in life is very valuable.  I knew the circus had an impact on me wen I always started acting funny around my friends and they really started to laugh and have fun.  I realized that I was a clown and belonged in [...]

Meredith George- Board Member, parent and tutor

I love working with CircEsteem. It is one of the few places that successfully mixes diverse groups of kids. Kids here have to work together as a team no matter what their background. Few, if any, other settings place kids from such economically diverse origins on equal footing: whether that footing be the tightrope, the [...]

Parent of CircEsteem student

I love seeing what CircEsteem did for my son’s self confidence. He was always getting in trouble for clowning in school, and here was a context where it was encouraged and developed. Those skills still serve him all these years later: he can speak publicly with poise and ease; he can rally a group of [...]

Sarah Gale- Mom of CircEsteem student

CircEsteem has been great for our kids. In a short time they’ve learned to juggle, walk on stilts, glide across a tight rope, and spin in the gym wheel. But more importantly they’ve found a warm friendly environment where they are encouraged to try new things and to be goofy without worrying about what other [...]