Registration is now Open!

Spring Session of Weekend Circus Classes runs from March 11-May 21.  While maintaining our focus on skill-building and fun, Spring Session classes will also be geared toward preparing for our annual Spring Circus Show. Please Note: Classes will run March 11-May 6.  On the Saturdays May 13 & 20, there will be NO REGULARLY SCHEDULED CLASS, but there will be a pre-show rehearsal.  Performances will take place on Saturdays and Sundays May 13, 14, 20, and 21.  Below you will find the classes offered for Spring Session.  Classes will take place in our space at Alternatives (4730 N. Sheridan Rd) on Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Spring Session tuition is $210/class, with multiple-class and sibling discounts available. Financially eligible students may apply for sliding-scale tuition or full scholarships on our Registration page.

Please note that CircEsteem has a no-refund policy.  If you need to drop a class, you may transfer to another class that has openings, or have your unused payment applied to your account as a credit, which can be used for future classes, camps, parties, and more!


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8:00 Unicycle 2
9:00 Unicycle 1 Juggling Lyra 1/Lyra 2 Trapeze 1
10:00 Diabolo Buffet Minis Silks 1 Trapeze 2 Buffet
11:00 Gym Wheel 1 Mini-Tramp & Tumbling Silks 2 Tiny on Trapeze Circus Tots
Noon Gym Wheel 2 Pre-Team Prep Pole 1


All classes are 55 minutes


Class Offerings by Age

3-5 Circus Tots
4-7 Tiny on Trapeze
5-7 Buffet Minis
7-14 Mini-Trampoline & Tumbling
Pole 1
Trapeze 1
Trapeze 2
 8-14 Circus Buffet
 8-18 Diabolo
Lyra 1
Lyra 2
Silks 1
Silks 2
Unicycle 1
Unicycle 2
 9-18 Gym Wheel 1    *Must be 4’5″ tall.*
Gym Wheel 2     *Must be 4’5″ tall.*
Pre-Team Prep