September 16 – October 29

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Starting this Fall, CircEsteem will be changing its Saturday Programming.  We will now be offering 2 distinct programs: Chicago Youth Circus and Circus Discipline Intensive. Students may choose to join the Chicago Youth Circus (CYC) or the Circus Discipline Intensive (CDI), or both.


Chicago Youth Circus (CYC) vs. Circus Discipline Intensives (CDI):

The three-hour CYC program will include three skill rotations (two selected by the student and one selected by the coaches), an extended social circus and game component, large group warm-up and conditioning, and large group act creation (seasonal). This program will focus more on the community development and social circus aspect of CircEsteem.  Skills will still be taught, however, this will not be the main focus of the CYC program.

The one-hour CDI program will be an opportunity to focus solely on skill building. Class will start immediately at 12:00pm with skill development. Students who elect to participate in only this class will need to arrive at 11:45am for a small group warm-up, before class begins.


Chicago Youth Circus (CYC) Class Specifics (Ages 8+)

Skill Stations 1, Skill Stations 2, and Circus Exploratory: These rotations will include stations ranging from juggling, unicycle, gym wheel, trapeze, tiny on trapeze, silks, lyra, clowning, and many other CircEsteem circus skills. Coaches will decide which skills are offered at the beginning of each session based on a combination of what the students want to learn and what the coaches believe will be best for the students’ circus development. Students will choose their first and second choices for Skill Stations at the start of the 7-week session. CircEsteem coaches will do their best to accommodate all Skill Station requests. Students may elect to leave early and skip Skill Stations 2 (11:15-12:00) if they have other activities or obligations. If leaving early is a necessity to participate, a price reduction can be discussed.

9:00-9:45 Group Game and Warm-Up

9:45-10:30 Skill Stations 1

10:30 – 10:45 Snack and Water Break

10:45-11:15 Circus Exploratory

11:15-12:00 Skill Stations 2

Chicago Youth Circus Minis (CYCM) Class Specifics (Ages 5-7)

Kids aged 5-7 will participate with the entire CYC program, excluding Skill Stations 2. CYCM kids will finish their programming at 11:15. Kids who join CYCM will be buddied with a Team member (aged 11-14). This will help the younger CYCM members feel comfortable and supported, as well as give them someone to help navigate any issues they face. This mentor/mentee relationship will also give the CYCM members an opportunity to build a unique bond with their older peers as they begin their circus journey at CircEsteem.

9:00-9:45 Group Game and Warm-Up

9:45-10:30 Skill Stations 1

10:30 – 10:45 Snack and Water Break

10:45-11:15 Circus Exploratory


Circus Discipline Intensive (CDI) Class Specifics (Ages 8+)

The CDI program will be geared towards specific development of skills. These classes will lean towards the more advanced students, however, all skill levels will be welcome. Students will be asked to sign up for Acro or Aerial CDI track. Acro CDI Track will include: Gym Wheel, Mini Tramp, Chinese Pole, Handstands, and Tumbling.  Aerial CDI Track will include: Trapeze, Silks, Lyra, Spanish Web, and Duo Aerials. Students will select their specific discipline within the CDI track at the start of the 7-week session. They will be grouped based on their ability, age, and space.



Advanced Unicycle (Ages 8+)

This class will not change from its current form. Students will work on advanced unicycle skills for 60 minutes.










Circus Tots (Ages 3-5)

This class will not change from its current form. Children will explore creative play in the realm of the circus world.





Aerial Only Sunday 1-hour Classes (Ages 8+)

These classes will be offered on Sunday morning from 9:00am-11:00am. If your child isn’t interested or available to join the extended program on Saturday, they can still join our program through the standard 1-hour Sunday Aerial circus class where they’ll choose between Silks, Trapeze or Lyra classes for all skill levels.


Price Points:

Circus Discipline Intensive (CDI): $147      60 minutes

Advanced Unicycles: $147      60 minutes

Circus Tots: $147       60 minutes

Aerial Only Sunday Classes: $147      60 minutes

Chicago Youth Circus: $385      180 minutes

Chicago Youth Circus Minis: $210      135 minutes