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CircEsteem is a unique and exciting organization that gives kids the opportunity to “clown around,” while developing balance, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Fostering confidence and collaboration, our professional circus staff teach a variety of circus skills including tight-wire walking, juggling, plate spinning, acrobatics, and clowning. Each session varies in format and introduces new skills, allowing returning students to advance and beginners to model their peers. CircEsteem classes give every child the chance to shine in the center ring, building confidence and allowing students to work as a team.  As an added treat, parents will be treated to a circus show at the end of the session.

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Circus Fun With CircEsteem!

K – 5. Can be broken into K-2 and 3-5 if enrollment is high.


After-school classes usually run one hour once per week.


8 student minimum. 30 student maximum, with option to run a second class if enrollment is high or physical space is limited.


Over the past decade, CircEsteem has built programming to help students develop confidence through circus mastery. In addition to flexibility, balance, coordination and strength CircEsteem uses a graduated learning method to allow students to build self-esteem through personal accomplishments. Our staff strive to help each student discover his or her, “Look what I can do!” moment. CircEsteem classes are designed to allow each student to work at their own pace while finding opportunities to build teamwork and collaboration. CircEsteem’s teaching method focuses on creating a positive climate with a strict anti-bullying policy. Through a culminating performance at the end of each session, students celebrate the successes of their peers and each student leaves with the belief that there is nothing they “can’t do.”


Parents and the school community are invited to engage in a final performance (often held on the last day of the session) where they can celebrate the accomplishments and new skills of the class participants.


This program will target confidence building and will help students recognize that there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Students will also be encouraged to develop confidence while on stage and performing which has been shown to translate into confidence in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to work on team building, as many of the skills they will be learning require students to trust each other and work together to succeed. Building circus skills is also linked to physical fitness, fine arts, performing arts, and social-emotional learning.



For more information or to reserve your class, please contact or call (773) 732-4564