CircEsteem Scholarship Fund

CE Grads

CircEsteem makes an incredible investment of time, energy, and financial support in its youth participants. For many, they will be the first in their families to go to college.  CircEsteem invests in participants’ futures,  providing instruction in performance and teaching skills, supporting personal development, and cultivating success.

In 2004, CircEsteem started a college savings program encouraging them to start saving for college early. As an incentive, CircEsteem matches dollar for dollar the money the students save, doubling the investment in their future. Thanks to our HomeWork & CircusWork program, we have a 100% graduation rate from high school and to date CircEsteem graduates have amassed over $500,000 in college scholarships.

In 2006, we formally established the CircEsteem Scholarship Fund and partnered with Chicago Scholars. The Chicago Scholars Program identifies energetic and promising students who are determined to make the most of their college experience and provides them with the tools they need to move successfully through their post-secondary educations. The program lasts from the college admissions stage through college graduation, laying the groundwork at length for success in the professional world or in graduate study. CircEsteem students participating in Chicago Scholars programming and maintain an A average are eligible for CircEsteem’s $3,000 annual scholarship.

Phase one
High school seniors are given assistance navigating the admissions and financial aid process, and campus visits.

Phase two
Spans the first two years of college and addresses academic challenges, social issues, and offers peer to peer mentors.

Phase three
Helps students with future career planning, resume crafting, networking, and securing internship opportunities.

The scholarship fund was established with over $15,000 through generous donors and by allocating 10% of performance and workshop fees in which youth participates.

Please help making the dream of college a reality by donating to the CircEsteem Scholarship Fund.