CircusTeens Job Program

The CircusTeens job program was developed in 2004  to give our older more responsible students the opportunity to make money doing something they enjoy all the while teaching valuable life and finance skills. CircusTeens learn how to enter the workforce with a positive attitude, be responsible, and proactive. They also learn about budgeting, credit cards, the various ways of compounding interest and basic money-saving skills. To join the CircusTeens program, our high-school students need to maintain at least a C average in school, present a positive attitude and demonstrate an ability to teach and mentor the younger students. All CircusTeens are given the opportunity to save money for college. For every dollar they put into their college savings, CircEsteem will match dollar for dollar.

CircusTeens are vital to all of our programming. They are the lead counselors for CircEsteem’s annual Summer Camp and assistant teachers during HomeWork & CircusWork. The CircusTeens are some of CircEsteem’s best performers and can be seen dazzling audiences all over Chicago.