Cornell Freeney

Cornell FreeneyCornell grew up in Uptown and joined CircEsteem at the age of thirteen in search of excitement. He first took interest in tumbling and mini trampoline and in 2005 started training on the gym wheel.  Determined to master the wheel, Cornell practiced every day before and after school and in 2007 after only two years of training he competed in the World Championships of Wheel Gymnastics in Salzburg, Austria. There he placed 7th all around, 6th in spiral, and 2nd in vault.

Upon graduating from high school, Cornell started his professional career performing the gym wheel on ice for Royal Caribbean cruise lines traveling all over the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Understanding the importance of education Cornell balanced his professional performing career while attending Illinois State University thanks to a General Assembly Scholarship awarded by State Representative Greg Harris. Along with earning a degree in elementary education in 2013, Cornell was able to grow his circus skills though Illinois State’s Gamma Phi Circus, the countries oldest collegiate circus program.

Cornell is an incredibly versatile coach and performer. His areas of expertise include tumbling, trampoline, juggling, diabolo, partner acrobatics, duo trapeze, Russian bar, and gym wheel.