CircusTeens is CircEsteem’s youth employment program created in 2004. It provides opportunities for older students to become more involved with CircEsteem. It is an opportunity for them to gain work experience and save money for college while doing something they love. The CircusTeens are paid to mentor younger students, teach circus skills, perform and assist at HomeWork & CircusWork, Summer and Winter Camp, and on Saturdays with the Chicago Youth Circus.

In order to be a CircusTeen, students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average, demonstrate a level of maturity and responsibility, be able to show mastery of specific circus skills, have a passion for performing and model positive behavior and leadership skills.

Jack Gomberg

Jack Gomberg was born in Chicago and joined CircEsteem at the age of five. For over a decade, CircEsteem has been like a second home to Jack. His favorite circus skills are tumbling, aerials, and the Gym Wheel. CircEsteem has provided Jack with tremendous opportunities such as performing on television shows America’s Got Talent and Nickelodeon’s Figure it Out, [...]